Sock Knitting Videos Worth Watching

Have you picked up those needles and yarn to get started with wearing your hand-knitted socks? Congrats. Knitted socks are always in fashion, and the versatility it provides in terms of designs and colors is unmatched.

Sock knitting may seem easy for some, but for those like you who are just starting out, you may need some guidance. But here’s the big question- how do you choose the right source to learn how to knit socks?

Are you a novice wanting to learn how to knit socks? Navigating through the thousands of tutorials online can be overwhelming- that’s why we’ve created this list of the best videos out there. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-follow tutorial or something more advanced, these curated clips will provide valuable knowledge and guidance, so let’s get started.

If you’re a knitting enthusiast and want to increase your skills, or even if you want to learn the craft from scratch, this sock-knitting tutorial is perfect! This video has become one of the most popular tutorials due to its clear instructions. With basic knowledge such as purling, DPNs, and magic loop knitting techniques you will be able to make beautiful pairs of socks in no time.

The Youtuber slowly walks you through the process of knitting socks in the video so you can start knitting along with her. The tutorial is broken down into eight easy steps that show how every part of the sock is knitted. Her voice is very soothing, like one you might encounter on a sext chat site, guiding you step by step along the way.

The tutorial is exceedingly clear and well-structured, making the knitting process more understandable. Furthermore, with the right camera angles, you’ll get a better view of each step. In this video, we observe an experienced knitter using the Magic Loop method – they even include a link where viewers can find their in-depth tutorial on that topic. This is definitely worth watching if you’re familiar with or want to become acquainted with said technique.

As the name suggests, this video is perfect for complete beginners. It is a 16-minute tutorial where you can learn which yarn is the best for knitting socks and more. The tutorial is divided into 3 sections starting from measurements until finishing techniques.

The Youtuber explains the yarn choice and gives options on the types of yarns and what works best for knitting socks. You can even go to the official website of the Youtuber if you have any questions regarding yarn choice.

The knitter begins the first section of the tutorial by explaining how to take measurements of the foot before you begin. She even provides a sizing chart which you can refer to based on the different size categories. She uses the Magic Loop method to knit the socks since it’s the easiest method for beginners.

This sock knitting tutorial is very different from the rest because it is super-duper easy. This tutorial is to knit slippery socks, which are just simple tube socks. They are very comfy since they are knitted using bulky weight yarns.

You only need two needles and yarn to knit these flat socks. The full tutorial is only for 7 minutes, where the YouTuber gives a step-by-step guide on knitting tube socks. These socks can be knitted instantly and are a great start for beginners.

Worsted vanilla socks are the easiest to knit since you don’t have to follow any stitch pattern or anything complicated. The knitting starts from the cuff and goes down with a heel flap and gusset. This tutorial may seem slightly difficult for those unfamiliar with the basic knit stitch, so it’s best to practice that first if you are new.

The full video is quite simple, and the knitter is clear with her instructions throughout the tutorial. The camera angles are great, along with the lighting and clarity of the knits. The tutorial is an hour long and may seem intimidating for some, but that is only because of how detailed the YouTuber is with every step.

If you just started knitting your first socks, then you are sure to face quite a lot of difficulties. This tutorial may not be for how to knit socks, but it will help you overcome some knitting accidents.

This video brings together four sock-knitting experts who share their insights and expert tips and tricks that go into knitting socks. For example, of the experts-Denise gives tips on how to avoid ladders when knitting socks.

Likewise, all the other experts share a few of the most common problems beginners face while knitting socks and give their tips/tricks to overcome them. So, if you want some of the best tips before getting started, make sure you watch this video.

Knitting It Up

Sock knitting is a fun exercise since you get to wear what you’ve worked on. Thanks to many online tutorials, you can knit socks in the comforts of your home. The tutorials mentioned above are one of the best and easiest to follow, so make sure you check them out.

Knitting socks is not rocket science, and you can excel with guidance. You can choose the method you are most comfortable with, such as Magic Lopp or using DPNs. Magic Lopp is the most used method since it’s easy to follow. Apart from that, you must have the tools necessary to knit those perfect socks this winter.