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Why sock knit over buying socks

           Sock knitting is a great activity which will not take much of your time. It is relatively small project and you do not have to have expensive needles or yarn to knit yourself socks. You do not even need any special pattern, so it is a very easy thing to do for beginners. Knitting socks will take just a few minutes of your time and another great thing is that handmade knitted socks are very comfortable to wear.

Many people still wonder why knit socks when they can just go to the store and buy them. Well, to start with, knitting socks is fun activity and it is always good when you can create something from nothing. Socks knit up relatively quickly, and although it might seem like a complicated thing to do, knitting a pair of socks is not hard at all. As soon as you learn the basics of knitting, you can start knitting without any pattern. Great thing is that you can knit socks anywhere, while riding a bus, sitting in a car, while relaxing at home or waiting somewhere, etc. Fact is that socks usually get worn out quickly, so you can knit as many socks as you like because you will always need them.

Another reason why you should choose sock knitting over buying them is that knitted socks are unique socks, much different and more comfortable than bought socks. You can create socks that fit perfectly on your feet, and when you do, you will never go back to buying socks. Knitted socks are not only warmer, but they also fit well and are better to wear than any pair of socks that are found in stores. Also if your feet are prone to getting blisters, then wearing knitted socks will keep them in much better shape. Knitting socks is definitely worth it, so you should give it a try and you will see that knitted socks are always better than those in stores.

In order to knit your socks you only need a couple of things. Of course you need a quality sock yarn. Quality yarn for making socks is usually a combination of superwash wool and polyamide. This type of yarn ensures that your socks will always keep your feet warm. Superwash wool means that this wool is properly treated with different chemicals so you can wash them in the washing machine. However, you should never tumble dry your knitted socks. Presence of polyamide will make the sock yarn very durable so you can wear your socks for longer time. Besides yarn, you also need needles for knitting own socks. Today you have many options when it comes to needles, and most socks are knitted with so-called double pointed needles. Besides these you can also use circular needles for knitting your socks.

As you can see, sock knitting does not require much, but it provides you with several great things. Knit your socks today and you will never go back to buying socks again. This article was sponsored by SnapSexter. Post your photos with #sockknitsnaps and be featured!