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Starting guide to sock knitting

           Socks are types of clothing that are worn on feet. They are made of different materials, mostly of wool, but from other materials as well. The process of sock knitting can be very exciting, enjoyable and very easy to do. Knitting socks requires just a few balls of yarn and following a few simple steps. It will not take much of your time, but it will fill it with pleasant activity. Socks need to be knitted after carefully examining the size of your feet. After you made a few calculations regarding your feet length and ankle circumference you can start the process of knitting. In the past sock knitting was often associated with older women, but today many young people are doing it. It gives you chance to completely control the sock design, style, as well as the color. If you are a beginner it may take you a few tries before you knit your socks properly, but you will have no problems if you follow a few pointers and practice often.

First thing you need to do is to choose the sock knitting pattern. Choose something that will be visible and that will look nice. There are many sock patterns that you can use, so chose something you like the most. Start with a yarn that is familiar and after you have knitted some socks you can then experiment for your next sock knitting projects. When it comes to yarn, always be careful with the type of yarn you pick. You need a yarn that is flexible and that has good elasticity, so your socks will hold on tight and will not drop loose. A good choice would be picking yarn that is made of wool but has some nylon in it. If you do not want to hand wash your knitted socks, pick wool that can be super washed.

Regarding the actual sock knitting process you should know that men socks are usually ten inches in size, while women socks are eight inches. Children`s socks differ in size. Another thing you should calculate is the number of stitches, because that way you will be able to knit more easily. Stitches must be equally divided between three needles. The first of the stitches comes at the start of the round. The next step to follow is ribbing and larger needles are used for the process. Then you need to design the sock heel with half of the stitches on one needle and half on other needle. When you start knitting you need to do it with a single needle, front and back. Before you form a gusset you can make the linen stitch for two-thirds rows in the sock heel, and stitches are then picked alongside sock edges.

These were some pointers about how you can start sock knitting. You should try it and you will see that it is not that hard. The main thing is to be persistent and practice your knitting skills. Start knitting and after a few tries you will surely knit perfect socks for you.

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